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In search of CATEGORYcal value 


7 March 2024 - FOOD & NONFOOD

Are discounts going away? Not from the shelf, but from consumers’ preferences? And are we witnessing a change in shoppers' mindset which is leading them to look for more expensive products offering greater value?

In the last decade consumer agencies have crowned promotional pricing as the main driver in the FMCG market. But back in that time no one was talking about high inflation or a recession. During the past year high inflation was leading news not only in Bulgaria but worldwide. 

And yet Bulgarian consumers have started seeking value over discounts. When buying FMCG goods they choose those which offer added value and quality. That was the latest insight shared by all the agencies during the 14th PROGRESSIVE Conference. Even in times when disposable incomes are lower than they used to be, consumers are stepping back from cheap products with low quality. 

Is this really the new trend which is going to lead in the FMCG market during the coming years? That is what we will try to find during the 9th edition of Category Retail Forum. This year, as usual, the main focus of the agencies taking part in the event will be the development of the food and non-food categories in Bulgaria. And of course we will reveal in which categories the search for added value is more visible as well as which brands are perceived as valuable. We invite you to our event which is taking place on the 7th of March in Sofia.

Book the date 7 of March 2024 in your business calendar!